Floating installations

The docking of private pleasure yachts is possible in the Central Port “APOSTOLOS PAVLOS”, after the installation of floating platforms.

  • Section A

    68 docking spaces for vessels of more than 10 meters length

  • Section B

    115 docking spaces for vessels of less than 10 meters length

  • Section C

    16 docking spaces for vessels regardless of length


You can have wireless Internet access, fast and FREE inside and outside the station (up to 100m).

For your connection you just need to be inside or outside the station of the Central Port of Kavala «APOSTOLOS PAVLOS» and through any WLAN enabled device and the web browser of your device you will have access to the Internet.

  • Inside the station


  • Outside the station


Commercial port «FILIPPOS Β’»

The commercial Port “Filippos Β’” has infrastructure and equipment of high standards and can offer advanced services for the loading and unloading of containers.

  • Freight service

    Loading, unloading and storage of unit, general and bulk cargo

  • Cargo ship service

    Anchoring, docking, water supply, power supply, solid & liquid waste management

  • Freight wagon service

    Loading, unloading and weighing