The organizational structure of the company “Kavala Port Authority S.A.” depicts the needs of the sectors in which the company is active, while at the same time it isin accordance with the given principles of the legal background that determine the company’s operation.

The organizational chart of the Kavala Port Authority S.A. is depicted in the following figure.

As can be seen in the organizational chart, the major elements of the internal organization of the Kavala Port Authority S.A. are the departments:

  • font-awesomeAdministration & Finance
  • font-awesomeProperty & Development
  • font-awesomeTechnical Services

The work of the Departments is completed by the Independent Services.

The board of directors of the company “Kavala Port Authority S.A.” consists of the following members:

  • font-awesomeThysiadou Anna, Chief Executive Officer
  • font-awesomeFilosoglou Georgios, Chairman
  • font-awesomeVrana Eirini, Board Member
  • font-awesomePardalidis Nikolaos, Board Member
  • font-awesomeKaramaneas Charalampis, Board Member
  • font-awesomeKekropoulos Grigorios, Board Member
  • font-awesomeLemonidis Vasileios, Board Member

Organizational chart of Kavala Port Authority S.A.


Our vision is to make the port system of Kavala an important junction of maritime transports in the wider region, with special emphasis on the East Balkan area.

Our strategy for the implementation of our vision focuses on the following points:

Customer orientation

We go hand in hand with the needs of our customers (existing & potential ones), by constantly seeking new ways of adding value to their activities.


We manage the facilities provided to us in a best way and we constantly improve the procedures of our internal operation.


We follow the new trends in the area of maritime transports and we constantly seek innovative ways to take advantage of the arising opportunities and to cope with threats.

Financial strength

We develop in a sustainable way as we rely on a healthy financial basis and the competitive operation of the ports we manage.