The Port Authority of Kavala has developed and has been implementing the Quality Management System since 2009, according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. The initial scope of the Quality System was Loading and Unloading of Solid Bulk Cargoes, Excluding Grain, at “Philippos II” Portuntil 2015, when it expanded to Port Facility Operation for Loading and Unloading of Cargoes, Excluding Bulk Liquids, at “Philippos II” Port.The transition to the revised ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the 3rd Quality System re-certification took place in 2018.

The Port Management is actively committed to maintaining and continually improving the Quality Management System by adopting a specific Quality Policy.This policy is updated in accordance with the changing needs of the Port and the external environment in which operates, taking into account the needs and the expectations of the parties concerned to ensure that the port remains a dynamic factor in the local and national economy.

Quality Policy

The Port Management, having acknowledged the value of the quality in its services, implements a Quality Management System with scope: Port Facility Operation for Loading and Unloading of Cargoes, Excluding Bulk Liquids, at “Philippos II” Port, which aims to continually improve:

  • the satisfaction of recipients of relevant services, as well as other interested parties,
  • its internal operation.

By emphasizing in the prevention of any quality failure, the internal functioning of the Port has been organized on the basis of effective planning and control of all activities that affect the satisfaction of its recipients in order to identify and immediately overcome any malfunctions. In this context, any detected operating problem is treated as an opportunity for continuous improvement. At the same time, the Port Management is responsible for the continuous monitoring and observance of all the laws governing its operation.

Recognizing that our staff is the most valuable capital, the Port Management provides the conditions for constructive cooperation among our staff of all sections, continuously enhancing the spirit of teamwork. At the same time, the main objective in the framework of human resources management is the continuous upgrading of the level of technical training of all staff through investigation and response to thetraining requirements.

Finally, all suppliers and partners are treated as an integral part of Port potential, contributing to ensure the establishment of constructive relationships and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Certificate ISO 9001 (Download)